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NORÐ - Youth CommunitiesNORÐ - Youth Communities


Join activities with young people from all over the Nordic Region.
Communities, Nordic cohesion, language and culture are a common thread in NORÐ activities. NORÐ consists of one big annual activity called Ungetinget and a number of smaller activities.

Follow this page for more information about the activities and how to sign up.

Ungetinget 2023

Strong, inclusive communities

Sørmarka, Norway, the 10th-12th of November 2023

Last year, we brought together over 100 young people from across the Nordic region to collaborate, share knowledge and build friendships.

It went well! So we're doing it again - and you can be part of it 🙌

At Ungetinget, you can meet young people from across the Nordic Region, build skills and create meaningful partnerships.

Naapitta - Let's meet!

Partnerships and cultural exchange between young Sámi and Inuit

The 31st of August - 3rd of September in Nuuk.

The aim of Naapitta - Let's meet! is to create meaningful partnerships as well as more knowledge and contact between young Sámi and Inuit through being curious about our own and each others' culture.

Reykjavík leadership seminar

Capacity building and exchange of best practices for Nordic youth organisations

Join us at the Reykjavík Leadership Seminar on 18-21 May 2023 and strengthen your personal leadership skills, share experiences and best practices - and become even better at empowering young people in your organisation.

Samhørighet - Nordic friendships, culture and art

the 20th - 22nd of April 2023, Copenhagen

Meet other young people from the Nordic Region and help create a video artwork based on Scandinavian language, culture and the theme of "Cohesion".

The Youth Thing

The 5.-7. November, 2022 Rüno, Sweden

Come and take part in The Youth Thing. Here you can meet other youths from around the North and get inspiration about how your association can work with cooperation across the Nordic Region.