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Youth, Peace and Security - Nordic Youth Seminar

Join us in Helsinki, April 5th-7th

Discover the power of Nordic collaboration 🚀

Get inspired by meeting young people from across the Nordic Region

Build competences

Create meaningful partnerships

This seminar is tailored for young changemakers (age 18-30) who are members of youth organizations, eager to contribute to a more peaceful and secure world.

Within the topic of Youth, Peace and Security, we will dive into three key themes 🤝

- Nordic Partnerships

- Knowledge and Capacity Building

- Inspiration

Nordic Partnerships

Explore how Nordic collaboration can help your organization and amplify the impact of your initiatives.

And become an ambassador for Nordic collaboration in your organization.

Knowledge and Capacity Building

Equip yourself with the tools to drive change.

Workshops and sessions will empower you with the knowledge and skills to work with the topic of Youth, Peace and Security as well as youth involvement in decision-making.


Be inspired by connecting with like-minded youth from all corners of the Nordic region who share similar goals and aspirations.

And learn more about the Nordic cultures and languages.

Apply now

Application deadline is February 11th 2024 at 23:45

Danish participants can apply to participate via this link, and you can also always write to

Faroese participants can apply to participate by contacting

Finnish and Ålandic participants can apply to participate via this link, and you can also always write to

Greenlandic participants can apply to participate via this link, and you can also always write to

Icelandic participants can apply to participate by writing to

Norwegian participants can apply to participate via this link, and you can also always write to

Swedish participants can apply to participate by writing to

Youth, Peace and Security - UN resolution 2250

The theme of our seminar

Youth, Peace and Security is the title of UN resolution 2250, which the Finnish youth council, Allianssi, worked to get approved in the UN together with other youth actors.

Some of the key pillars of the resolution is:


- Take youth’s participation and views into account in decision-making processes, from negotiation and prevention of violence to peace agreements.


- Engage young people during and after conflict when developing peacebuilding strategies, along with community actors and United Nations bodies.


- Support young people in preventing violence and in promoting a culture of tolerance and intercultural dialogue.


Today Finland is the first country to have a national action plan on Youth, Peace and Security, and Allianssi has a strong network with other organizations working for implementation of the resolution.

We are looking forward to learning more about all of this together with you!

Practical framework

You will be informed whether you have been accepted as a participant by March 1st at the latest.

We will contact you to organise the final details of your participation.

The project covers the costs of transport, food and accommodation

We will provide transport, food and a place to sleep in connection with the activity.

The seminar will be held at Hanaholmen Conference Hotel about 30 minutes outside Helsinki from Friday april 5th at 17:00 to Sunday April 7th at 15:00.

There will be a shared transport service from Helsinki Airport at 16:30 on Friday directly to Hanaholmen. If you need to arrive later, it will be possible to take public transport.
There will also be a shared transport back to Helsinki Airport at 15:00 on Sunday.

You can either buy your transport yourself and be reimbursed afterwards, or we can buy it for you.
If you buy your tickets yourself, it is important that you weigh up the financial, climate and environmental costs before you buy your tickets.
You must send your request for reimbursement to no later than April 14th.


Accommodation is at Hanaholmen Conference Hotel, where most participants will sleep in double rooms.

We take disabilities etc. into account.

Contact us at or +45 29 86 72 70, if you have any questions about whether we can accommodate your needs for special aids or facilities.

Get in touch with us!

If you have any questions, you can always contact your national NORÐ contact person.

National Contacts

Hanna Nøddelund, DUF
tlf. +45 29 86 72 70

Faroe Islands
Høgni Thomsen, FUR
+298 599299

Laura Lamberg, Allianssi

+358 44 493 9629

Lea, Sorlak

Søren Würtz, NAPA

(+299) 236223

Sigurður Helgi Birgisson, LUF
+(354) 561 1100

Ingrid Grøntvedt, LNU
+47 416 91 525

Feben Hadgu, LSU
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Laura Lamberg, Allianssi

+358 44 493 9629