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How to get reimbursement

After participating in a NORÐ-activity, you can apply for reimbursement through your national youth council to get compensated for expenses to food or travel related to the activity.

Guidelines and rules for reimbursement


If you need to buy food while traveling with NORD, we cover a maximum of:

  • Breakfast: 85 DKK /11 Euro
  • Lunch: 170 DKK / 22 Euro
  • Dinner: 170 DKK / 22 Euro


You should always choose the travel option that is cheapest and the least harmful to climate and environment.

This means that we do not cover flights within Denmark or on other distances where it is easy to travel by train or bus.

We only cover expenses for taxi, if there is an agreement with an employee from a youth council, or if there is no other travel option available.

We only cover travel in car, if there is a prior agreement with an employee from a youth council.

Deadline: April 14th 2024

Due to the ending of the NORÐ-project, we cannot cover any reimbursements received by us later than April 14th 2024.

It is therefore important that you send us your reimbursement and receipts before the deadline.

Reimbursement for Youth, Peace and Security - Nordic Youth Seminar

Guidelines for food-reimbursement

We cover expenses for food if you travel over lunchtime on your way to Helsinki on April 5th or over dinner time back home on April 7th.

We provide all meals at the seminar.


Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands, and Greenland - DUF

You need to get reimbursement from DUF. You do this by filling out this form and together with your receipts send it to


Norway - LNU

If you are from Norway, you can get reimbursement from LNU. Please fill out this form. Contact Ingrid at, if you have any problems with it.